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Why Herbalife?

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  • World-class Company that Supports Your Business - Herbalife operates in more than 90 countries around the world with net sales of $5 billion in 2014. Our commitment to helping people achieve good nutrition and a healthy, active life directly supports the goals of our Independent Herbalife Members to grow their business.
  • Transparent Distribution Model - We are a member of respected direct-selling associations around the world. Compensation to Independent Herbalife Members is based on product sales, and building an Herbalife business takes skill, dedication, time and hard work.
  • Competitive Compensation Plan - Members can earn retail and wholesale profits, plus income through Royalty Overrides and bonuses. Repeat orders from satisfied customers can lead to sustained growth of your Herbalife business.
  • ​Training Programs to Help You Start and Grow Your Own Business - A number of online marketing and sales tools and training events are available to support your business close to home and around the world. Clear, easy-to-replicate business methods continue to be refined and improved to meet evolving customer demands.
  • ​Products Based on Proven Nutrition Science - Under the guidance of our Scientific Leadership, we are committed to nutrition research and development, a rigorous quality assurance program and control of product integrity from Seed to Feed.
  • ​High-Profile Athletic Partnerships - Our brand visibility is significantly enhanced through over 190 sponsorships of sporting events, teams and athletes around the world, including world-renowned soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo; MLS Champions, LA Galaxy; U.S. triathlete Heather Jackson; Colombian golfer Paola Moreno and Indian cricket star, Virat Kohli; among others.
  • Commitment to Social Responsibility - The Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa Herbalife Program provide funding to improve the nutrition of children in need in more than 120 Casa Herbalife programs around the world. HFF also supports disaster relief efforts.
  • Why Herbalife? Because our products and business opportunity can help you achieve nutritional and personal success.

Have a Lifestyle You Can Be Proud Of! Who Else Wants More Fun and Less Stress?

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Around the world, thousands of people just like you have changed their lives with the Herbalife business opportunity-and you can, too! From setting your own hours to achieve financial independence, the lifestyle of your dreams is finally within reach.*

Take the first step to the life you deserve! Whether you’re planning the future of your dreams or just need cash for today, start on the path to life changing success as an Herbalife Distributor. Regardless of experience or education, you’ll receive personalized support every step of the way as you build your business with exciting opportunities for:*

Top Compensation With only minimal start-up costs, Herbalife’s compensation plan ranks among the most generous in direct-selling today.*

Powerful Training From company events to online support, Herbalife Distributors succeed with the best training and sales tools available.*

The Best Products Herbalife’s scientifically formulated weight-loss, nutritional and personal-care products are among the finest in the world.

Proven Success Herbalife’s record of success spans over twenty years and includes millions of people.*

if you always knew there had to be a better way, it’s time to start on your personal path to life-changing success.

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Herbalife sets the Gold Standard for consumer protection. Customers and members can rely on Herbalife for support and protection.


Herbalife Makes Membership Affordable For Everyone

No minimum purchase is required. Members who are interested in developing their Herbalife business are invited to purchase an Herbalife Member Pack.

Herbalife Stands Behind All Of Our Products With A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If membership is canceled for any reason, we offer a fully refundable, 90-day money-back guarantee for the cost of your Herbalife Member Pack – which you are not required to return. Furthermore, there is a 100% refund guarantee on all products in re-saleable condition that were purchased within the prior 12 months. Herbalife will pay the cost of return shipping.

Herbalife Presents Up-Front Information On All Business Opportunities

When you become an Herbalife Member, we provide clear, accurate, and timely disclosures regarding potential income in our Statement of Average Gross Compensation. All members are invited to access this document at any time.

The Gold Standard Is Proudly Upheld By All Herbalife Members

All new members are made aware of our Gold Standard Guarantee, and required to acknowledge it in writing before their membership application and agreement is processed and accepted.

Herbalife Provides Members With A Clear Path To Success

We clearly define the benefit of each product and appropriate method of use directly on the product label. Approved product claims and product information can also be found in Books 2 and 4 of the Herbalife Member Pack, product brochures, other official literature, and We offer realistic expectations of the business opportunity and the effort required to succeed at all levels.

Herbalife and our Members are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior. If you become aware of any questionable behavior that is not aligned with the Herbalife Statement of Average Gross Compensation, please contact Member Relations at 866-866-4744.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who is Herbalife?

What is the customer-member relationship?

Does the company have strong protections for the consumer and the member?

Does Herbalife have a regulatory compliance infrastructure?

Who typically becomes an Herbalife member?

Why do people become Herbalife members?

How does Herbalife compensate members?

What quality controls does the company have in place in the manufacturing of Herbalife® products? How does Herbalife ensure products are safe?

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*Income applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation paid by Herbalife at and

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