Good Nutrition and Convenience Can Go Hand-in-hand

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Focus on good nutrition while making use of prepared foods and you’ll find that healthy eating is easy.

One of the biggest complaints people have about eating healthily is the perception that it requires more hours in the kitchen to prepare nutritious meals. But there are so many convenience items available now that preparing healthy meals is a snap.

Packaged Convenience

For protein, you can buy fish or poultry that’s already seasoned and ready for quick grilling, or frozen pre-cooked shrimp that can be tossed with some pasta and veggies for a quick dish. And don’t overlook canned tuna, salmon or chicken breast that can be added to salad greens, rice dishes or soups.

You can also boost the nutritional value of condensed soups by mixing them with nonfat milk or soy milk instead of water. As the soup is heating, toss in some frozen mixed vegetables or some loose pack spinach to add nutrition, flavor and bulk. Frozen loose-pack vegetables allow you to use only what you need and are ready to eat in minutes.

Pre-Washed Greens

Salad preparation can also be quick thanks to pre-washed salad greens, all sorts of pre-sliced and chopped veggies and baby carrots. Add a splash of low-fat bottled dressing and some pre-cooked chicken or shrimp and you’ve got a quick and healthy meal.

Fresh, pre-washed and cut veggies are available in the produce section. And if your market has a salad bar you can often find them there, too. Pop them in the steamer, toss with some pre-chopped garlic or onions when they’re crisp/tender, and you’ve got a gourmet dish in minutes.

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