Herbalife Innovation & Manufacturing Delivers Quality Herbalife Products

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According to Vice President, Worldwide Manufacturing and Engineering Gary Tandy, Herbalife Innovation & Manufacturing (H.I.M.) doesn’t just try to deliver quality Herbalife® products: “It’s been designed to do that, every moment of every day, from the ground up.” H.I.M. is part of the company’s comprehensive Seed to Feed strategy to take control of the manufacturing process from cultivation of the ingredients through manufacturing and delivery of the final products.

“We are walking our talk,” says Tandy. “We’re partnering in the field with farmers, and putting in place the right equipment, people and procedures to ensure consistent quality.” The first H.I.M. facility was built in Suzhou, China, in 2000. Later, Tandy oversaw the refurbishing of the next H.I.M. in Lake Forest, Calif. “When visitors experience the reality of the quality this company puts in its products, they are just astonished.”

In 2012, the third H.I.M. facility in Changsha, China, became operational, contracting with farmers in the Hunan province to extract 16 key botanical ingredients, including herbal extracts, such as black tea and green tea concentrates. As the Changsha plant came online, the company purchased a plant in Winston-Salem, N.C., which became operational in 2014 and is now the largest H.I.M. facility to date at over 46,000 square meters. As product sales continue to increase, Tandy calls H.I.M. “an investment in product integrity and quality control.”

H.I.M. Facts:

  • Four H.I.M. facilities worldwide
  • 10,000-plus visitors to H.I.M. Lake Forest since its opening in 2010
  • 16 herbal ingredients extracted at H.I.M. Changsha botanical extraction facility

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