Herbalifesports.com Showcases Both International Soccer Stars and Up-and-Coming Athletes

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What does the LA Galaxy have in common with triathlon champion Heather Jackson? They’re both sponsored by Herbalife and featured on HerbalifeSports.com. Herbalife sponsors more than 250 athletes, teams and competitive events around the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo and the Leadville Reace Series, and annual endurance mountain biking and trail running event. All Herbalife-sponsored athletes, teams and events are featured on the site.

While many other sports sites only cover a handful of popular national sports and celebrity athletes – or exclusively focus on one sport – HerbalifeSports.com features teams and athlete profiles, schedules, scores and stats for Herbalife-sponsored competitors from around the world, including professional surfer Gabriel Villarán, cricket play Virat Kohli and triathlete Lukas Verzbicas. With photo galleries and video highlights from events, weekly articles on sponsored teams and athletes, and live Twitter feeds from athletes around the globe, the site is a virtual hub for Herbalife international competitors.

“The site makes it easy for us to share all of the latest news related to our sponsored teams and athletes with Independent Herbalife Members in Central and South America,” says Patricia Manzo, Herbalife Director of Creative Services for South America. “The fresh information on the site and the success stories of these extraordinary athletes really inspire people to live a healthy and active life.”

While Herbalife sponsors several teams from popular sports like soccer, volleyball and basketball, the company also supports boxers, badminton players and other competitors from a variety of sports. Through HerbalifeSports.com, fans can get the latest news on all of their favorite Herbalife-sponsored athletes in one place, and even discover lesser-known sports from around the globe like windsurfing in Peru and canoe racing in Austria. “It’s great to be featured on the site along with so many other champions from around the world,” says Sean Franklin, defender of the LA Galaxy.

HerbalifeSports.com Facts

  • Find profiles, images and videos of more than 250 Herbalife-sponsored athletes, teams and events
  • Access official fan pages and websites for teams and events
  • Visit www.HerbalifeSports.com today.

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