Meet the Local Farmers Who Grow the Soybeans for Herbalife® Products

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Did you know that soy protein could have weight-management benefits when combined with a low-fat diet and exercise? Soy protein is the No. 1 ingredient in the Herbalife® Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. But where does the soy protein in Herbalife® Formula 1 come from? The answer could very well be, a proud farmer in America’s heartland.

Because of Herbalife’s high-quality standards, it can take up to a year and a half to screen potential ingredient suppliers. We provide suppliers with ingredient specifications and test numerous samples before deciding whether or not to invite a supplier to become part of the Herbalife family. Once a reliable ingredient supplier is identified, in-process testing assures every product always meets current good manufacturing practices standards (cGMP).

Meet some of the farmers who supply soy beans and uphold the Herbalife standards for high quality, every day:

Brad Wade from Illinois
Brad Wade believes the future of farming lies in robotics: self-guided, satellite-controlled machinery that helps the modern farmer grow as efficiently as possible. “We literally ‘farm by the foot’ now,” says Brad. “There are ‘eyes’ on machinery to spot weeds and autonomous tractors in the field.” Though it sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, Brad insists these changes are necessary. Of course, farmers still monitor and inspect crops daily, but technology has improved productivity.

Chad Mostaert from Iowa
“I remember riding around in the tractor on my mom’s farm when I was 5 years old,” says Chad Mostaert, whose family has been farming the same ground in Iowa for three generations. Over the years, Chad has witnessed a technological revolution with the emergence of what is known as “precision farming”: the use of global positioning devices (GPS) to track every soybean, from planting through harvest and delivery. “We can tell which varieties of seed do better under what conditions,” says Chad, “improving quality and minimizing waste along the way.”

Cathy and Jim Sladek from Iowa
Cathy Sladek has lived on the family farm in Iowa for more than 35 years, but compared to her fourth-generation farmer husband Jim, she says she’s still a relative newcomer. Jim was born and raised in the house where he and Cathy raised their two children. “We want this business to be around for our infant grandson,” says Cathy.

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