Herbalife Members Visit D.C. to Meet with Members of Congress

On Thursday, May 22, 2014, 15 Herbalife Members from across the country visited their congressional representatives in Washington, D.C. to show their support for Herbalife and highlight the value Herbalife brings to its members and consumers across the country. The members – who traveled to D.C. from Illinois, California, New York, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada – represented the more than 550,000 Herbalife Members across the country.

The group spent the day on Capitol Hill visiting nearly 30 Congressional offices, educating their elected officials on their individual experiences with Herbalife, the products and their businesses, including the benefits members and consumers receive through the Nutrition Clubs that some members run. The Members explained how they were attracted to the company, the benefits they’ve personally seen from the products and the positive financial empowerment they’ve experienced from building their  Herbalife businesses.



Caption: Herbalife members from California in front of a Congressional office: Brian Holifield, Jonathan Webber, Celeste Richmond & Rafael Ballesta

Brian Holifield, a California-based Herbalife Member who was among the Members visiting Washington this week, stated, “Herbalife is about great products, helping people achieve a healthier way of life, and providing opportunities for hardworking members. It is also a company that I – like millions of Members and consumers around the world – believe in. Herbalife plays an important role helping to empower people like me, and I am proud to sell high-quality products for those who seek a healthy and active lifestyle.”



Caption: Pablo Pozo and Angel Ibarra, from Texas, meeting with a Congressional office

Members of Congress and their staff had the opportunity to hear personal stories from Herbalife Members, including a former waitress who now has flexibility and the ability to provide for her young family; a woman from Illinois who has operated a successful Nutrition Club for nearly a decade; and a young man from New Mexico who is helping to provide for himself and his family, as well as many other personal stories.


Caption: Maria J. Ascencio and Mariela Drake, from Nevada, walking the halls of Congress.

Silvia Muir, an Illinois Herbalife member who  is visiting Washington, D.C. this week, stated, “I strongly believe in Herbalife and am proud to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle by selling Herbalife® products.  Members also know what it takes to succeed in this business – there are no shortcuts, no tricks and no gimmicks.”


Caption: Herbalife members visiting Capitol Hill: Federico Zapata (NM), Beatriz Zapata (NM), Latoya Garcia (NM), Lucy Alba Butler (NM), Freddy Zapata (NM), Denise Stokes (NY) and Silvia Muir (IL)

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