Herbalife Members Fly-In to Washington, D.C. to Stand Up for Herbalife

On July 10, 21 independent Herbalife Members from six states traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress and their staff and share their support for Herbalife and the value it has brought to Members, consumers and communities for over 34 years.

Last week’s Fly-In was actually the second time Members brought their message about the opportunity and integrity behind Herbalife’s products to the halls of the Capitol. The 21 Members emphasized to their elected representatives Herbalife’s history as a company built on great products, developed by expert scientists and nutritionists using quality ingredients and produced in facilities with industry-leading quality controls for nearly 35 years. In fact, nearly three-quarters of Members join Herbalife just to use its products for their own consumption.

And on behalf of the other quarter of Members who are so passionate that they have chosen to sell Herbalife’s products themselves, the Fly-In participants underscored the real business opportunities that many Members have found through hard work and dedication, as well as the industry-leading consumer protections Herbalife offers.

Erick Sandoval, an Herbalife Member who took part in the Fly-In, said, “I am grateful for Herbalife and all it has done to empower me and help me work to realize my potential. For me, Herbalife is about great products that people like and want, and advancing a community-based approach to health and wellness. Herbalife’s consumers come in all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, but we all share a commitment to pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle.”

Brad Davis, another participating Herbalife Member, noted, “As the economy recovers from the great recession, one of the most important aspects of getting communities back on their feet is providing meaningful economic opportunities to those that have been impacted. Herbalife is one of those opportunities for me and the Company is doing even more in North Carolina. I’m excited that Herbalife is expanding their presence in our great state and creating hundreds of jobs at their new Winston-Salem manufacturing facility. Herbalife has been a great addition to our state already and there is an excitement and positivity across the region about what Herbalife is bringing to our community.”

Here’s a breakdown of the Fly-In by the numbers:

•           21 participating Members from six states across the country, including:

•           7 Members from North Carolina, representing 15,000 Members statewide

•           6 Members from Florida, representing  over 54,000 Members statewide

•           3 Members from California, representing over 118,000 Members statewide

•           3 Members from Connecticut, representing over 4,000 Members statewide

•           1 Member from New York, representing over 33,000 Members statewide

•           1 Member from Virginia, representing over 8,000 Members statewide

Nationally, Herbalife now has more than 550,000 members. On behalf of all of them, thanks to our Fly-In participants for sharing with Congress their stories about the positive power of Herbalife!

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