Nude Nails? Yes – the Surprisingly Easy Trend in Nail Polish!

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Are you looking for a manicure that’s always in style? Try nude nails. A nude manicure looks well groomed, crisp and elegant—and minor chips don’t show up. Nude nails are a perfect style win all around.

Have you noticed what’s happening out there in the world of nails? I remember flipping through my beauty magazines and seeing a ton of ads for skin care and cosmetics, and occasionally there would be an ad for nail polish. Today, it’s a whole different story. I just put down one of the latest issues and I couldn’t believe that nail color, design and the latest trends dominated the advertising space. What’s with all of this focus on finger nails? More importantly, how many colors do we really need? The color choices for nails rival the paint swatches at the hardware store. Do we really need so many choices? Evidently not because the latest news in nails is that nude shades are in.

Nail polish trend to try: Nude nails

I used to love to change my nail polish to match my outfits. Mind you, this was a long time ago when I had a lot more time to spend grooming my hands. These days, I struggle to find time to pop into a salon and have a professional do it for me. Having perfectly painted nails is a commitment—just one tiny chip can ruin your day. So, when I learned that the latest trend in nails fashion was nude nails, I couldn’t have been happier. Nude shades have always been my favorite, but with all of the oranges, greens, rhinestones and animal print designs out there, I thought I was falling behind the times. Just like the classic little black dress, nude nails are always in and appropriate.

In the same way that a nude stiletto can make your legs look longer and leaner, a nice glossy nude nail polish can achieve the same thing for your fingers. A nude manicure looks well groomed and crisp if you choose the right shade. It can be as tricky as picking out the perfect shade of concealer. So, how do you know which shade is best for you? Here are a few quick tips on finding the perfect nude nail polish shade.

Natural lighting is key

It’s always best to find testers so you can apply the actual shade to your bare nails. It’s amazing just how many different shades of nude there are out there. If you can paint just a few nails in different shades and then go outside to check the colors in the natural light, you’ll definitely have better luck with finding the most flattering shade for your skin tone. I would definitely suggest you narrow your choices to just three or four options, or you can drive yourself crazy.

Don’t match your skin tone

You never want to match your nude nails to your skin tone. It won’t be the most flattering on you. What you want to do is go a shade lighter than your skin color. This will definitely help to brighten up your hands and give you a very clean, elegant appearance. I have more then once picked a bad shade of nude and my hands looked lifeless. And if you like to match your fingers to your toes, the ‘dead foot look‘ in a nice pair of sandals can be scary. Not a good look, trust me. If you notice that your skin looks yellowish or grey next to your nail polish color, put it back. It’s not the right shade for you.

Use your natural nails as your guide

Take a few seconds to inspect your natural, unpolished nails. You’ll notice that they’re either the same color as your skin, whitish looking or even pink. If you choose a shade that matches the natural color of your nails, it should look beautifully nude when you apply it to your fingers. Check it out.

Nude nail polish can’t hide your imperfections

Unlike darker shades of polish, nudes are not the best at covering up your real nails. For the most elegant look, you need to take care of your nails before covering them up with a nude manicure. Make sure that your nails are clean. Nude polish can’t hide the things that lurk under our nails. You also want to make sure your nails are free from stains. Be sure to lightly buff your nails prior to polishing to help smooth them out. The more ridges you have, the less fabulous your nude nails will look.

    Here’s a quick tip to help remove stains…
    Rub them with a bit of whitening toothpaste. Let the paste sit on your nails for at least a minute, then wipe with rubbing alcohol.

Shorter is better

The best nude manicures are found on shorter nails. The longer the nails, the better your chances are of having them look like a French manicure. While the French manicure does have a time and place, it’s not all that great to see white tips leaching out from underneath your fresh nude polish.

Never go nude to the beach

Here we go again with the dreaded sun. Yes, in addition to protecting our skin and hair from the damaging rays, we also need to protect our nails. The sun’s UV rays can alter the color of our nail polish—and not in a good way. Unfortunately, it’s the nude nail that can suffer the most. A day at the beach can turn your fabulous nail polish job into something yellow and unappealing. Believe it or not, there are topcoats of nail polish that have sunscreens in them to help protect your nail polish color. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the sun, be sure to take the extra step to protect your manicure.


As an avid wearer of nude nails, I’m happy to know that I’m on track even with all of the gazillion nail trends out there. This look is contemporary yet classic. It’s clean and crisp and goes with anything you wear. Most importantly, a little chip won’t ruin your entire day, because a little chip will hardly be noticeable with nude nail polish.

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