An Interview with Herbalife President Des Waslh

Herbalife President Des Walsh loves his job. With the help of independent Herbalife Members and Herbalife corporate teams, Des is responsible for Herbalife’s growth. But Des isn’t just any President; he has made a difference by learning from Herbalife Members, and promoting a culture where new ideas are embraced. Des recently sat down to talk about the past, present and future of Herbalife.

What lessons have you learned from Herbalife Members?

I’ve learned the importance of the Member’s role in terms of people achieving results they desire. Whether it’s people whose goal is to attain healthy lifestyle, to have better nutrition or work to improve their financial situation, that journey is made easier by having support, training and mentorship. I see this constantly reinforced all around the world and it’s one of the things that make Herbalife unique.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Without question, the thing I enjoy the most is interacting with our Members because it is so gratifying to hear their stories that reinforce for me why Herbalife is such a force for good in the world. When you meet somebody who has had a life changing experience because they have lost weight and are now living a happier and active life, there’s just nothing better.

Have any of those stories been particularly memorable?

One of my most memorable experiences came during my first month at Herbalife. I went to a Member meeting in Northern California and I ended up meeting a native Spanish-speaking Member there who was speaking very good English and I congratulated her on that. She told me that three years ago when she first joined Herbalife, she spoke no English at all. She was working as a housekeeper, but the stress of trying to support her children caused her to gain weight. Eventually her employer recommended Herbalife products and she was able to lose weight. Her transformation led to her building an Herbalife business. She soon realized that the friends of her employer could be great customers for her, so she decided to learn English to expand her business and sell to them. That month I met her, she told me that she had stopped working as a housekeeper and was now selling Herbalife products full time. She burst into tears of joy as she told me her story.

That’s incredible.

That story has stayed with me for the past 10 years because that woman had not just significantly improved her well-being, but she had built a business while improving the well-being of people in her community. Her self-esteem had grown and she and her children had a better life because of it. That one experience embodies what we are about at Herbalife. When we talk about changing people’s lives, it’s not just a slogan, it’s the reality of what we do through our wonderful Members every single day.

Now that we’ve heard about the Company’s past, what is Herbalife’s future looking like?

I see more lives changed and more people impacted in a very positive way. The reality is despite the extraordinary success the company has enjoyed over the past 35 years. We’ve accomplished a lot throughout our history – but our work and our mission are only just beginning.

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