Why Nutrition and Exercise Always Make a Difference

Why-Nutrition-and-Exercise-Always-MatterI know a lot of people who approach routine doctor’s visits with apprehension. They’re unsure of what their test results will be or what recommendations the health care provider will make. Some people even feel that since they haven’t lived a healthy lifestyle in the past, there’s no point in trying to eat better and exercise in the future.

Do you ever feel that way? If not, do you know anyone who might feel that sense of nervousness—even dread?

Here’s something to put your mind at ease: Nutrition and exercise always make a difference.

Believe me when I say I’ve seen this firsthand. When I went through my own health transformation, I had been living an unhealthy lifestyle for decades. But one Monday, after a weekend of overeating, I decided to change. All it took was making that simple decision and then following through. That day, I changed my diet 100 percent and started running.

In just two years, I lost 18 pounds, lowered my resting heart rate by 10 points, and reduced my cholesterol 60 points. I now weigh 158 pounds and have a resting heart rate of 56, and my blood cholesterol and lipid profile are those of a 25-year-old man! I’ve completed 15 marathons and cycled 32 centuries (100 miles each). Each week, I cycle 150 to 200 miles.

If my story tells you anything, it’s that when it comes to health, and especially heart health, all that matters are the choices you make now. If you haven’t exercised in the past, you can choose to begin today. If you’ve eaten a poor diet for most of your life, you can decide right now to eat a balanced diet that supports heart health. If you’ve never supported your heart with targeted nutrients like CoQ10, Omega-3s, garlic or Nitric Oxide-supportive nutrients, you can begin now.

Research shows that nutrition can support heart health, no matter the state of your cardiovascular system. That means that whether the news at the doctor is good or bad, there is always hope for a heart-healthy future.

You’re never too old or unhealthy to change your life. Nutrition and exercise always make a difference. I know it has in my life, and I’ve seen the impact on people all around the world. Remember, your longevity begins now!

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