The Obesity Epidemic; Pushing Herbalife to Take Action

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By Alan Hoffman, Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs
March 8, 2015

How do we face the obesity epidemic? With nutrition, exercise, and unwavering support.

Obesity has become an epidemic, and people keep asking how we can combat it. I believe my company, Herbalife, has some of the answers.

Herbalife is here to help
As a leading global nutrition company, Herbalife and our independent members are dedicated to addressing this epidemic by educating people about our nutrition products and supporting people who are looking to change their lives.

Our flagship product – the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake – is a healthy meal that provides vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but only contains 300 calories per serving. It’s a product that has been developed using modern nutrition science and manufactured to the very highest standards.  And, at approximately $1.56 per serving, our product is economically attractive to all of our customers.

However, it’s not just about the product. Research shows that individual success in combatting obesity comes from embarking on a program that is designed for each individual’s specific goals, which includes providing the support and encouragement necessary to make such an important lifestyle change.

Vital support from Herbalife members
Our members work closely with their customers to create personalized programs, which will ensure that the individual understands the changes they are making, and how to apply them to all aspects of their nutrition. For example, customers who embark on a Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge enjoy 12 weeks of nutritional education and the power of a support network – like-minded people who help each other towards their goals. This community element is incredibly important, and one of the unique aspects of the Herbalife approach.

Most support network activity takes place at Herbalife Nutrition Clubs.  These Clubs are community hubs that bring friends and neighbors together for nutritional and emotional support. Additionally, Herbalife Fit Clubs provide a greater emphasis on exercise, combined with much-needed encouragement and support.  In both of these environments, it is the power of the group that leads to greater results.

The importance of health and fitness
The importance of exercise as part of the solution cannot be under-estimated. Our Herbalife24 sports nutrition range is cutting edge and has been designed to help those who are starting out on an exercise regime, people who are regularly active and  professional athletes. We are proud to work with local and youth sports teams to help educate rising stars about the importance of nutrition and exercise, and partner with some of the world’s leading sports teams, athletes and events to promote the importance of active living.

Help others live healthy lives
The United Nations’ leading voice on hunger, Olivier De Schutter, declared recently that the international community must “mobilize to combat obesity and unhealthy diets.” Through our focus on the best nutrition, community support, and message about the importance of exercise, Herbalife is doing everything we can to be part of the solution.

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