How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Fitness Level

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Use technology to your fitness advantage. Get fit and healthy with the best gadgets on the market. This week, I’ll share which fitness devices can really help you enhance your fitness level.

Technology is both a gift and a curse. It makes our lives easier and keeps us connected, but it also keeps us seated. Living a sedentary lifestyle can make you gain weight, lose important joint mobility and make you feel tired. So, if you love technology, consider embracing some FIT TECH so you can experience the joy of playing with a new gadget while getting fit and learning about your body.

From watches to bands, to phone apps and more, just exploring fitness technology options will get any tech savvy individual excited. If you’re worried about wearing an ugly device, there’s no need to panic. They come in many sizes, styles and colors to suit even the most fashion conscious individuals. If wearing a device is not for you there are several that attach to your waistband, or simply download a fitness app to your smart phone.

As a trainer I have found that a simple accountability tool can truly help people to get more active each day. Arming yourself with the ability to monitor your activity and rest patterns can help you to stay on track with reaching your targeted amount of daily activity, as well as assess how much sleep you are getting. Activity and rest are two important factors to understand, especially if you are on a weight loss program or trying to improve your athletic performance.

There are many sophisticated and expensive gadgets on the market for the avid exerciser, but for beginners keeping it simple is a great, affordable way to get started.

Before you go out and spend your hard earned dollars on the newest fit tech, have a think about what features are important to you so that you spend only what is needed.

Getting Started With Fitness Technology

Walking is a great first step that inactive people can take to start improving their overall fitness level. Using a simple pedometer that clips to your waistband is a great way to get started with monitoring your level of daily activity. A healthy goal to try and reach is 10,000 steps per day. I recommend getting a simple pedometer if you are new to exercise and not incredibly tech savvy, because you can pick one up for as little as $4 and they are very easy to use.

Keep It Going by Staying Accountable

Devices that have the ability to reward you for your efforts can be incredibly effective. Some have flashing lights or start buzzing once you have hit your target for the day, and others text you a “great job” message to let you know you have accomplished your goal. It may sound silly, but so many people once they get started with an app or wrist device feel guilty when they don’t get that reward message each day. I’ve heard people at my own office admit to going for an after dinner walk so they don’t go to bed without reaching their target for the day.

Up Your Fitness Level and Get Competitive with a Challenge

Many apps give you the ability to challenge family members or complete strangers in an online format. This has brought a fun competitive edge to getting active. I feel that joining an online challenge can be effective for helping you to stay on track, because other people are monitoring your activity level and can remind you to get up off the couch.

Track Your Nutrition

When you are on a health and fitness journey, keeping track of your daily nutrition in addition to your activity is important. The more active you become the greater attention you need to pay to your daily nutrition. There are some great apps that you can download for free to your smart phone that will help you to track your daily calorie consumption, and help you to become more aware of what choices are healthy.

Improve Your Performance

Once you have started on your fitness journey, in addition to keeping track of your activity level, it’s fun to start using fitness technology to enhance your training experience and get better results. Investing in a heart rate monitor can help you to train more effectively and better track your improvement over time.

I’m a big believer in keeping track of what you are doing each day. With our busy modern lifestyle, it’s easy to skip a workout and make unhealthy dietary choices without even realizing it. When you do this on a regular basis, it can have a negative impact not only on your weight or waist size but also on the way you feel overall.

My favorite saying is ‘no excuses.’ So, if you believe that fitness technology is not for you, but you need to improve your daily habits, a simple pen and paper will do. However you decide to track your daily habits is up to you. Just know that keeping track of your day may help you to stay accountable and get the best results.

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