Volunteers Ready For Special Olympics World Games In LA

(FOX 11) Organizing an army of volunteers is no easy effort. Approximately 30,000 people have volunteered to coach, run the time clock, give first aid, run the office and more at the Special Olympics World Games being held in Southern California beginning July 25.

To get in the gate they’ll need their official t-shirt and credentials. Derrick Salisbury is in charge of processing this parade of people. He’s a sports event veteran and in charge of UDAC, Uniform, Accreditation, Distribution Center. Herbalife is the sponsor and the center is set up at the company’s Carson location.

Twenty-seven pallets of supplies arrived to ready all the volunteers. On Thursday, they strolled in to get their packets. 

One volunteer is working as a translator for athletes from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and looking forward to seeing people from his homeland.  A teacher brought two of her students to learn about community service. Another woman has a brother who is special needs.

Eighty-five communities from Santa Barbara to San Diego are involved and hosting athletes from 165 countries.

In case you were inquiring, they are not taking any more volunteers. It’s too late to go through background checks and to get credentialed. That deadline was in the spring.

The public is invited and encouraged to show up, watch the games and cheer on the athletes. The games are free.

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