Herbalife Nutrition Attends Important International Botanicals Conference

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By Bill Frankos, Ph.D., M.S., senior vice president, Global Regulatory Compliance and Product Safety, Herbalife Nutrition
April 04, 2017

At Herbalife Nutrition, we are dedicated to safe, effective products of the highest quality. Because of our commitment to excellence, our doctors and experts attend and participate in scientific conferences like the 17th Annual Oxford International Conference on the Science of Botanicals (ICSB) at the University of Mississippi. By actively participating in important conversations on the critical issues affecting the nutrition industry, we can take steps to raise the quality and safety of nutrition products and dietary supplements, industry-wide.

Ole Miss is home to the National Center for Natural Products Research, which has been funded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2001 and serves as an FDA Center of Excellence for Botanical Research. The center is where analytical methods and reference standards for botanical formulations sold as dietary supplements in the U.S. are developed.

As a global nutrition company that makes products with popular botanical ingredients like aloe vera juice and ginger root extract, we are committed to ensuring that our products are safe, effective and made with pure ingredients from trusted suppliers.

In many ways, we test our ingredients with the same scrutiny and rigor that pharmaceutical companies test their products. And with our combination of investments in advanced technology, global expertise, and our in-house botanical extraction capability, Herbalife Nutrition is leading the way when it comes to testing and analysis.

This focus on excellence is why we have a consistent presence at scientific conferences where DNA authentication is being discussed. In the fall of 2016, for example, a team of my colleagues shared some of the groundbreaking DNA testing methodologies we’ve developed at the prestigious Association of Official Agricultural Chemists 130th Annual Meeting & Exposition in Dallas.

We think it’s vital to incorporate the best practices in analysis and testing, and that it’s equally important to share our advances to benefit the industry as a whole, so that consumers have access to the best nutrition products possible.

We intend to continue to raise the bar on product quality and to serve as a model for excellence for other companies in the nutrition industry.

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