Global Healthy Breakfast Survey: What’s Keeping People from the Most Important Meal?

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By: Dr. John Agwunobi, co-president, and chief health and nutrition officer, Herbalife Nutrition
Our daily schedules are packed with a myriad of activities that require energy, focus and, quite often, the ability to multitask. One would think that such a demanding journey could not start without a healthy, balanced breakfast; however, a surprisingly high amount of people skip the most important meal of the day.
That is one of the findings of the global Healthy Breakfast Survey commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition. The survey included more than 8,600 respondents from the United States, China and Asia Pacific (APAC) participated and uncovered insights into the breakfast attitudes and consumption habits in those regions.
In the U.S., only 55% of those surveyed eat breakfast seven days a week, a small number compared to the 63% who do so in APAC and 81% in China. However, 95% recognize the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, which comes to show that while people are aware of the significance of something, it doesn’t necessarily mean they act on it.
So why are people not eating breakfast? Lack of time was the number one reason, followed by lack of appetite and the perception that eating breakfast is too much work.  Another reason cited was the desire to lose weight, which is a great misconception, since eating breakfast actually kick-starts your metabolism and staves off hunger that could lead to overeating.
Timing and food-preferences are also relevant issues. The survey revealed that the most popular time to eat breakfast is one to two hours after waking up, even though 30 minutes is the ideal time to do so. The choices for breakfast vary across the regions: in the U.S., a hot beverageand oats or cereal are the most popular options, while a traditional-style breakfast consisting of a bowl of rice, noodles or porridge is the most popular choice in China and parts of APAC (Thailand and Vietnam, specifically).
Despite the circumstances, people do want to make healthier choices. Respondents in all three regions said the top factors that would encourage them to eat breakfast on a daily basis would be having more time and options that are readily accessible and convenient. Herbalife Nutrition’s commitment to good nutrition involves raising awareness about the possibilities of combining today’s busy lifestyles with balanced meals. We believe that good nutrition shouldn’t be a privilege but rather an option for everyone. We honor that principle by providing suitable, healthy solutions like our Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake, which is a convenient choice for good nutrition when you are pressed for time.
Having a balanced first meal of the day will help with overall wellness. You work very hard to achieve your goals, make sure to fuel your body properly each morning to keep going further.


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