Bringing The Best Out In People: What Ethics And Compliance Is All About

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By: Herbalife Nutrition Staff


We always do what’s right: that is one of Herbalife Nutrition’s core values. Ethics and Compliance is essentially about human behavior and bringing the best out in people, and Julia Bailey, Herbalife Nutrition’s Senior Vice President Chief Compliance Officer & Counsel, walks us through it.


1. We know you’ve been incredibly busy in your role as Chief Compliance Officer. What has been the biggest reward so far?  The biggest challenge?


Yes, like so many here at Herbalife Nutrition, I am very busy! The biggest reward of coming to work at this Company has definitely been the people and the culture. We have a fantastic Ethics & Compliance team (or “ECO”) in Los Angeles, Mexico, and China. The ECO also has great support from people in other departments that, while they may not report to me, their roles include supporting ECO. I consider them part of the ECO team, too. They include the Global Compliance Team, which consists of one attorney from Herbalife Nutrition’s law department for each region, and our Ethics & Compliance Ambassadors around the globe. This great group of people is just an extension of the Company’s culture that was established by our senior leaders, to always do what’s right, working together, to build it better.


 2. You’ve had a long career as a lawyer focused on compliance.  What interested you in compliance specifically?

I wanted to be a corporate attorney even before I entered law school and focused both my law school and MBA curricula on international business. I was very lucky that my very first job out of school was with a large defense contractor as an in-house corporate attorney working on international compliance matters. I loved the work and never wanted to do anything else. I like the proactive nature of compliance that helps guide employees to do the right thing. I enjoy connecting with people and finding creative and fun ways to improve awareness and understanding the importance of ethics and compliance.


3. What led you to Herbalife Nutrition and what impact do you hope to have here?  What are the biggest opportunities as you look to the future?

The commitment of Herbalife Nutrition’s senior leaders to ethics and compliance inspired me to work for this Company. What has impressed me so much about this organization is how this commitment to maintaining a culture of ethics and compliance reverberates throughout the entire Company.

My hope is that ECO can continue to build on the momentum that Rich and others have created.  We are going to try to do that in a number of different ways, including by recruiting individuals from across all functions to serve as ethics and compliance ambassadors and get the message out there; going out to the various countries in which we operate to talk to employees as part of our “ECO Road Show”; and conducting additional, targeted training sessions on the most important topics in ethics and compliance facing our employees today.

4. You have developed global compliance programs modeled after industry best practices, what do you find most rewarding with such an important endeavor?

I find several aspects of developing a global compliance program rewarding. First, because compliance programs include many processes for reviews, approvals, testing and so forth, I enjoy making sure processes are as efficient, effective, and easy to understand as possible. From my past work in-house and working for firms I have found that if ethics and compliance processes are clear, easy to follow and help is easily accessible, employees will not be tempted to cut corners.  Second, my experience with a wide variety of companies and industries, as well as best practices across different companies, has given me a nice-sized repertoire of ideas to bring to my new position at Herbalife and has helped me benchmark much more effectively.


5. You regularly are a guest speaker for numerous conferences and workshops that cover compliance topics. What is your goal when addressing such audiences? (Awareness, empowerment, motivation, forging a sense of belonging/corporate identity).

One of the main things I am trying to accomplish when speaking at conferences and workshops is to use my experiences at Herbalife Nutrition to empower and motivate fellow ethics and compliance professionals. The ethics and compliance landscape today is challenging and complex, but as my experience here has shown, with a strong commitment to build it better, these challenges can be met.


6. What is your purpose? What drives you?

At its base, a compliance program is not simply a set of internal controls or policies or procedures. It is values. It is people. What drives me to come to work every morning is more than refining a policy or tweaking a particular accounting control; it’s working with wonderful colleagues at Herbalife Nutrition to uphold our values. We always do what’s right. We work together. We build it better.


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