Formula 1: What Does Innovation Look Like For A Flagship Product?

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By: Chris Morris, Chief Innovation Officer and Senior Vice President, Distributor Experience


If we had to guess which is Herbalife Nutrition’s best-known product around the world, there would be little doubt: it’s our Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix.


When Formula 1 was first introduced back in 1980, there was no other product like it. It was a delicious healthy meal in a glass, providing the ideal balance of protein and other key nutrients in a quick-to-make and affordable way. So how have we been able to maintain Formula 1 as our flagship product for almost 40 years? Through innovation.


Over the years, we have continued to improve the composition of the product and the quality of the ingredients while broadening the flavors. As of today, a Formula 1 contains 21 vitamins and minerals, 17g of high-quality protein and is a good source of fiber; all this for only 170 calories when mixed with 8 oz. nonfat milk. When Formula 1 first started the only flavor was vanilla. Today, we have 28 flavors to choose from, worldwide.*


In addition, we are always trying to come up with alternatives that satisfy the particular nutrition needs of specific regions. For example, we developed an evening shake in Russia for people to have a healthy meal choice while drinking a comforting, hot beverage. We also came up with an option for people in Brazil who don’t own a refrigerator and thus can’t keep milk in their homes: a powdered milk substitute (NutreV) to be combined with Formula 1 to make a nutritious meal.


We are also launching targeted nutrition boosters – with no added flavors, colors, sugars or other sweeteners– with the purpose of personalizing Formula 1 shakes in order to get essential nutrients for specific life stages. This innovation will not only enhance the meal replacement experience but will address consumers’ need for personalized, individualized, targeted nutrition.


Over the years, we continue to focus on taste, quality and effectiveness, as well as scientific testing and manufacturing innovations to ensure the quality of the product. Consumers are demanding more transparency in their nutrition products and Herbalife Nutrition has been a proponent of the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s dietary supplement product registry or Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library). We are also an industry leader in quality control and science, particularly in the area of botanical identification. We continue to lead the way as we expand and improve our program to include new advances in science such as DNA technology.


We want our customers to know that what they are putting in their bodies is the very best. And that has really been a key element of our Formula 1 evolution.



 *Not all 28 flavors are available in every market.

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